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Balanced Pursuits: Your Guide to Harmonious Living

Welcome to Balanced Pursuits, where we help you achieve your goals while maintaining a balanced, fulfilling life. Our mission is to provide you with the tools and inspiration to integrate personal growth, professional success, and well-being.

We are a dedicated team of writers, wellness experts, and career strategists committed to helping you find harmony in your pursuits. Our diverse expertise ensures comprehensive and insightful content for your unique journey.

What We Offer? Insightful Articles, Practical tips and inspiration on career, productivity, mindfulness, and wellness.


Balanced Pursuits Podcast is hosted by extreme sport athletes, television personalities, and all-around badasses, Kristi Leskinen & Jen Hudak. Each episode, Kristi & Jen interview thought leaders in sports, business, and entertainment. They discuss what it has taken each guest to cultivate a life of purpose & passion, to live life on their own terms, while finding balance and fulfillment in their pursuits.

Life is too short to resign yourself to fear and remain in the status quo. Born out of a burning desire to live a passionate life, Balanced Pursuits is a compelling exploration of the grit, fire, and determination that it takes to create a life you love and offers a dose of inspiration for those seeking to do the same. Ready to learn to live life confidently and reach your greatest potential?

Balanced Pursuits – Where Success Meets Serenity.

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